Specialized Neurosciences Research Program (SNRP)

The Neuroscience team at the UCC lead by Dr. Maria Bykhovskaia has won a prestigious Specialized Neuroscience Research Program (SNRP) program project grant (U54 NS083924) from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

The major goals of the SNRP award are to develop Hispanic neuroscientists in Puerto Rico, build a globally recognized neuroscience research program that positively impacts public health, and foster an environment that links future scientists and health professionals.  To reach these goals, the major components of UCC SNRP will include state-of-the art training coupled with extensive mentoring and career development guidance for faculty, graduate students, medical students, and undergraduates.

The UCC SNRP integrates basic and translational neuroscience research focused on neuronal signaling, collaborations with several top mainland universities, an outstanding training environment, and outreach efforts to advance neuroscience in Puerto Rico and benefit public health.